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Includes videos, pdf files and worksheets to get you armed with our favorite stress-busting reccomendations.


Learn about how stress impacts your body in ways you may have never thought about before.


Holistic based suggestions with information about nutrition, herbs, essential oils, and lifestyle changes that are effective and simple.

Stress and Your Body E-Course Cover

What you'll learn

Our intention is that you will take the information we are going to share with you over the next two weeks and apply it in a way that makes sense to where you are on your wellness journey.

  • Learn the three stages the body will go through once the sympathetic nervous system is engaged. The focus of this session is to understand some basic responses that happen in the body when stress is perceived both on a short term and long term basis.
  • Learn how herbal teas and adaptogen herbs can assist you in coping with stress.
  • Learn how to implement deep breathing techniques for use in times of high stress or when you need to recharge at the end of the day.
  • Learn how to incorporate aromatherapy techniques as a method to cope with stress and anxiety.
  • Bonus tips and tricks that can easily be implemented to reduce stress in your daily life.

How You'll Feel

As your stress levels increase, your energy decreases, which can leave you feeling drained and unmotivated. You could also experience anxiety, irritability, depression, tension or sleeplessness all as a result of this underlying, but chronic stress.

Learning the impact stress has on your body and how to cope with it can:

  • boost your immune system
  • leave you feeling more relaxed
  • improve digestion
  • improve your sleep quality
  • help you to feel more focused
  • give you a positive outlook on life

As you go through this course you will learn to recognize the warning signs of stress and ways to manage it before it becomes overwhelming. Implementing these suggestions will not only create a calmer mental space, but will help to provide numerous health benefits as well.

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Your Tribal Leaders

Together, our mission and commitment to you extend far beyond a quick sale or a one-off coaching call. You become part of our tribe, our wellness family and the motivation behind our passion. As you read below, I think you’ll find that our backgrounds and strengths compliment one another and our combined effort is something very rare in any wellness community.

Kristyn Bango - Puro Company, LLC

Kristyn Bango: herbalist & essential oil educator. Owner and Founder of Puro Company, LLC. herbal solutions for a healthy life.

My mission is to supply safe and effective education regarding natural health alternatives that you can incorporate effortlessly into your hectic life. I help provide you with the necessary resources and products to assist you with positive changes in your health one step at a time. By learning to use essential oils and herbs confidently in your everyday life you can replace harmful products, boost your health and begin the journey towards creating your WELL:BODY.

Stephanie Wharton - Stephanie Wharton Wellness, LLC

Stephanie Wharton: Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Wellness Educator, Owner and founder of Stephanie Wharton Wellness LLC.

My mission is to educate women dealing with autoimmune concerns (specifically thyroid disease), weight loss and digestive issues on how to build a holistic sustainable lifestyle that energizes, fuels results and makes you feel amazing again. I provide you with everything I know in an organized step by step approach. When you work with me, you will be receiving current wellness information, accountability, and some much desired support for moving in the right direction. My goal is that you’ll feel empowered, motivated and full of the life you want to live.