Garden Retreat

July 16, 2016 Warren, PA 8 AM-11 AM

You're tired of surviving and you're ready for a change. You want to thrive and live a life you've always wanted. Your current and future self is begging for your help! It's not to late to start now with an experience that will spark a lifestyle change in you. Ask your questions during the expert Q&A session hosted by Stephanie Wharton (Integrated Health Coach) and Kristyn Bango (Herbalist & Essential Oil Educator). Become grounded and inspired with guided meditation, walk peacefully through flowers and taste samples from a beautifully manicured garden, soothe sore muscles and release tension with an easy flow yoga session.

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Enjoy the peace, serenity and energy of the garden

If you’re into nutrition, relaxation, yoga or even gardening - there’s never been an easier way to enjoy all four at one time! Escape for a few hours to reconnect with yourself, learn the importance of living a holistic lifestyle and walk away feeling renewed and energized.

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When you sign up during our early registration, you’ll get access to 2 FREE bonus e-books that make implementing this lifestyle even easier.

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What you’ll get

  • Mindset Work in the form of a powerful meditation
  • Interactive roundtable discussions with a certified holistic health coach and herbalist/essential oil educator where you will be able to pre-submit and ask your pressing health related questions
  • Healthy Food Demo
  • Garden to Table Snack
  • Easy flow yoga session
  • Access to the Well:Body Living Facebook group
  • 2 FREE Bonus E-books
  • Handouts with actionables to get you started
  • Herbal Bouqet
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  1. Meditation & Mindset
  2. Slow Flow Yoga Session
  3. Expert Q&A Round Table
  4. Food Demo
  5. Garden to Table Snack
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Holistic Health Simplified

You know all too well how confusing it is living in a world where there is so much overwhelming and conflicting information when it comes to holistic health. Your social media feeds are filled with what you should be eating and the latest diet craze, your friends insist that you need essential oils and who has time to go to a yoga class? This group mentoring session is designed to help you gain knowledge and confidence when it comes to holistic health, by provding you with solid trustworthy information to incorporate into your life. With this knowledge you can expect:

  • more energy
  • better quality sleep
  • improved digestion
  • internal peace
  • a calm and centered mind
  • realistic healthy weight loss
  • reduced food cravings
  • reduced sugar cravings
  • reduced mood swings
  • reduced inflammation
  • reduced pain symptoms
  • reduced stress

Still have questions?

How much time will I get to ask my questions about my health issues?

The interactive round table discussion will be broken up into two 30 minute segments for a total of 60 minutes of discussion time. This will be in a group format, but we are happy to address individual questions as they often will pertain to the educational experience of the group. Pre-submitted questions will have precedence.

How do I pre-submit my question?

After you have completed your registration you will receive a confirmation email with instructions on submitting your question.

What if I don’t have a question to submit right now should I still sign up?

Absolutely! You will be able to pre-submit your question anytime during the registration so take some time and think about it. If you don’t come up with anything don’t worry you will still benefit from the group session and partaking in the activities of the day.

What if I have never done yoga before. Can I still participate?

Yes! We have a professional certified yoga instructor that will be leading a yoga flow class suitable for beginners or experienced yogis.

What topics will be addressed during the round table discussion?

We will be addressing pre-submitted health related questions first that have to do with nutrition, essential oils, lifestyle changes and herbal usage. Any remaining time will be spent on questions raised during the round table itself.

Will yoga mats be provided? What else should I bring with me?

No a yoga mat will not be provided so please be sure to bring this or a beach towel for the yoga portion of the retreat. You’ll also rely on this for seating for our discussions and meditation. We will be providing a healthy drink with snack, but please bring a water bottle in addition to this as well as bug spray if you prefer to use your own. Otherwise you can use the bug spray that we will have on hand. (The bugs aren’t generally an issue in the morning, but we want to be prepared!) If you would like to take notes, also consider bringing pen and paper.

How does this retreat differ from the free MLM classes that are available?

This retreat is setup as a peronsal enrichment class. We will not be pushing a specific brand or product and there will be absolutely zero sales pitches at the end of the session.

Can I pay in cash on site?

We prefer that you register and pay before the event, so that we can have an accurate head count, but we will accept cash on site for the regular pricing of $129.

If I pay and can't make the event, can I get a refund?

Yes, we will provide a full refund minus any processing fees incurred if you're unable to make the event.

Why does Puro Company, LLC show up on the checkout page and my credit card statement?

Well:Body Tribe is a joint venture between two operators and the credit card processing is completed through Puro Company, LLC's e-commerce platform.

I have an additional question, how can I contact you?

Feel free to reach out with any questions at hello [at] wellbodytribe [dot] com.

Your Tribal Leaders

Together, our mission and commitment to you extend far beyond a quick sale or a one-off coaching call. You become part of our tribe, our wellness family and the motivation behind our passion. As you read below, I think you’ll find that our backgrounds and strengths compliment one another and our combined effort is something very rare in any wellness community.

Kristyn Bango - Puro Company, LLC

Kristyn Bango: herbalist & essential oil educator. Owner and Founder of Puro Company, LLC. herbal solutions for a healthy life.

My mission is to supply safe and effective education regarding natural health alternatives that you can incorporate effortlessly into your hectic life. I help provide you with the necessary resources and products to assist you with positive changes in your health one step at a time. By learning to use essential oils and herbs confidently in your everyday life you can replace harmful products, boost your health and begin the journey towards creating your WELL:BODY.

Stephanie Wharton - Stephanie Wharton Wellness, LLC

Stephanie Wharton: Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Wellness Educator, Owner and founder of Stephanie Wharton Wellness LLC.

My mission is to educate women dealing with autoimmune concerns (specifically thyroid disease), weight loss and digestive issues on how to build a holistic sustainable lifestyle that energizes, fuels results and makes you feel amazing again. I provide you with everything I know in an organized step by step approach. When you work with me, you will be receiving current wellness information, accountability, and some much desired support for moving in the right direction. My goal is that you’ll feel empowered, motivated and full of the life you want to live.

Stephanie Wharton - Stephanie Wharton Wellness, LLC

Aimee Ruland: Certified Yoga Instructor

Aimee is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh with degree concentrations in Psychology and Philosophy. After several years of serving others in the fields of mental health, substance abuse support, and sexual assault counseling, she felt the calling to embark on a new journey of personal transformation. She has completed 250 certification hours of Vinyasa Yoga training under Master Yoga Instructor, Dr. Paul Jerard, (EYT-500), and she currently teaches classes in Warren, PA and Lakewood, NY. Aimee’s goal is to help guide, encourage, and inspire her students to realize their pure and infinite potential through the practice of Yoga and meditation. Each of her classes encourages awareness of breath and body while cultivating mindfulness both on and off the mat.